Best Stroller for Active Babies

babytransitHaving the best stroller for both parent and child can be very crucial. So they can both enjoy their day to day activities without sacrificing comfort, safety, and functionality. So here are some suggestions before you get a stroller for your active child and you as an energetic parent.

BOB Revolution SE – this jogging stroller features a three-wheeled design with a pivoting front wheel. Since it is pivoting, it makes it very easy to maneuver even if you are jogging at a fast pace. As a jogging stroller, it even has a suspension system that will ensure a smooth movement for the baby regardless  if you are on a bumpy terrain. Inside the carriage, there is a 5 level setting, easy to adjust belt that will keep your baby safe and secure inside at all times. This stroller is sturdy, you can carry up to 70 pounds of weight. This is very different from baby prams which are usually meant for easy trails due to its design.

Joovy Zoom 360 – this one is very sturdy and tough stroller for the active child and parent. This boasts a lightweight aluminum frame with a tough shock absorber underneath. For additional safety, this stroller has a one step parking brake, which as the name states, can be activated by the handler with one simple step. This stroller can hold up to 75 pounds and amazingly folds easily for portability and storage. Also good for travelling.

Schwinn Turismo – this stroller has a bunch of amazing features. It has adjustable handles that come with a tray and a couple of cup holders for both parent and baby. It even has a personal tray for the baby in front of your baby’s seat. So at the same time the parent is jogging or busy with other activities, the baby can have snacks, drinks and even have their toys in arm’s reach all while riding this awesome stroller. This stroller can hold a child that weighs up to 50 pounds. For additional comfort, this stroller has a canopy to keep the sun out. The best valued Zeta Zoom is an umbrella stroller that also has a very useful canopy that keeps the sun out.

Jeep Overland Limited – this stroller has this amazing sound system that will allow you to attach an MP3 player to it and play for both baby and parent when they are both out and about so you won’t get bored. In addition to its high-tech features, this stroller even has a built-in speed and distance odometer so you can track your speed and distance when you jog with your child. For comfort, you can fully adjust the seat and for safety, you can adjust the belt of your child.

Tike Tech Trax 360 – this amazing stroller stands as a double stroller. Obviously because it has two seats, this stroller is perfect for active parents who have twins or a couple of young kids. This stroller has a very tough, four wheel build but is still lightweight and superb maneuverability. It has a removable sun shade and removable covers for easy clean up. It comes with a bunch of colors to choose from as well, depending on your taste.

Keeping the Baby Weight Off: Using Ellipticals and Rowers

homefitnessintelWhen you have just given birth, the joy must have been unbearable. But yet again, you have to face the facts that you might have accumulated excess weight during pregnancy and even after giving birth to your child because you still have no time to go out and workout. Well, here is a guide on how to lose the pregnancy weight off by mixing it up in the gym or at home with elliptical machine and rowing machines. Remember the point of this guide is to make sure everything is kept interesting in the gym because this will challenge your body but make sure you are not bored during the course of this 45 minute workout by using 3 different machines. It will burn fats, bust boredom, triple threat cardio workout.

The first 10 minutes you will be spending it with the rowing machine. Set the damper between 3 and 5, at the last 15 seconds of every minute you are working out increase your strokes per minute as much as you can so you will not lose momentum and will not be complacent.

The next 10 minute until the 20-minute mark, you will move to an elliptical machine then set the resistance between 6 and 9. First you have to go forward during the first minute and then go backward the second minute. Maintaining this shifting motion until the end of the 10 minutes on the machine.

The next workout will be during the 20-minute mark until the 30-minute mark. This will be on a treadmill to cool down. But just a little bit! Just set the incline to 1 percent and run at a pace you can keep for the next 10 minutes.

On the 30th minute until the 35th, you can go back to the rowing machine and set the damper between 4 or 6, this time keep on rowing until the last 20 seconds of every minute and push yourself to the highest strokes per minute you can achieve.

Now go back to the elliptical machine on the 35th minute until the 40th and set the resistance between 6 and 8. It is going to be different than the first ride on the elliptical because every other minute on the machine, you will be letting go of the handle to work on your core this time around

On the final 5 minutes, 40th to 45th. Go back to the treadmill to finish off the workout by running at an incline of 5 degrees and set the speed to a calm four mph to cool down.

This will be effective if followed accordingly. However, if you do not like to run, you can try using a stationary bike instead. If you do not have access to a gym, then you can do it old school by swimming or running outside and even try step aerobics if you want to go traditional exercise. Do anything active and keep your heart rate up for 45 minutes.

Get Your Kids Sewing

galactictoys sosewIf you are into something, getting your kids to do it would feel like an achievement in itself. You get to do many things together which will create a stronger bond between parent and child and if you are into sewing, it is not as hard as some people might think to get your kids to do the same. Here is a guide and frequently asked questions and answers that might help you get them into it.

You might wonder how young can they start? Well, you can start as early as they ask you how to sew. It is common to get this question among parents when it just boils down to your child and how much experience they have using their own hands in doing things. It is usually suggested for kids to start using a sewing machine at around the age of 6. However, at the age of 8, kids can sew without supervision. Let them be your guide on when to teach them.

Let them use a real machine. You are just going to disappoint yourself when you play with a toy machine when you find out it is a total waste of money and time. They are pointless and extremely hard for children to use. They don’t fail with a bang but yet again, they will fail. Let them use a real one.

Sew at their pace. Sew slowly because  they need to understand that when you sew fast, it doesn’t really make you sew any better. As a teacher, you need to teach them when you are feeling really patient. Because kids will sew very, very, very slow. Slower than anyone or any machine could go. It can be annoying and stressful to sit around and wait. But the point is to not rush them.

Let them choose the pattern, fabric, material, the notions and the color of the thread. Let them choose everything! They will probably choose insane color combinations, bold fabrics and crazy prints. Most likely they choose to sew with very contrasting threads. Why not? Vision yourself picking out materials for a project you are about to make, let them feel that joy and excitement as well. But there is an exception, steer them away from complicated patterns or fabrics that are too difficult to work with like velvet. Have them work on fleece or quilting cotton if possible. You do not want them to frustrate them with these.

Let them do things over and over again. If they are having fun making a snake pattern for everyone in the world, then let them because it is all okay! Their comfort level at doing the same thing over and over will incrementally improve their skills and before you know it, they will be adding their own style on that thing they have been repeating over and over which is going to be amazing and will surprise you. also, it is fun to watch.

Help them use shears properly and help them cut fabrics efficiently. You will most probably see them cutting a small piece of fabric right in the middle of the whole piece. You just cannot explain to them that they need to position the pieces on the edge of the fabric but you have to show them how it is actually done.

Letting them use your sewing machine may not be the best idea. There are sewing machines for kids and sewing machine for beginners. These may be more suitable for kids. Continue using your sewing machine as you teach them and guide them while they use theirs.

Keep the Kids Entertained: Turn Vacuuming Into a Game

vacuum galacticAs a parent and pet owner, taking care of your kids and your pets can be a monumental task at times. You have to look out for both of them almost all the time and both make their own kinds of mess around the house and if getting a maid is not an option, this calls for a better alternative in getting things sorted out. So basically if you have kids not doing any chores, why not involve them in cleaning the house. Specifically getting some pet hair off of the furniture and surfaces but you need to have the right pet vacuum in hand so they can operate it safely and efficiently.

Here are some suggestions:

First we have the Hoover WindTunnel T-series Pet Rewind – this vacuum boasts features like easy pet hair suction so you won’t have to focus too much time in one spot to get the hair off of it, it is lightweight and its easy fold feature makes the handling of this vacuum portable. Unlike old vacuums, this vacuum doesn’t have a bag but instead you can easily wash its filter when it is full. Only for $129.99.

Eureka SuctionSeal AS1104A – the Eureka SuctionSeal vacuum comes with a bunch of features, one of which is an Auto Cord rewind so getting the cord back is going be a breeze. It also has some on-board tools. If you will work on marble, carpet, fabrics then it is no problem because the Eureka SuctionSeal is perfect on all kinds of surfaces. You are also not going to work with a bag with this model because it has a simple washable filter concealed in a flip-button dust cup. It is also portable and easy to store with a price tag of $129.00.

Next is the Dyson DC24 – Animal Compact – this unit is an easy store device because it is collapsible handle feature. With a simple touch of your fingertips or foot, the brush roll control can be regulated. You will also never lose suction with this vacuum because of its Root Cyclone technology. It has a built in ball technology as well for easy and seamless movements and amazing power to clean those pet hairs in any kind of surface. It is also highly recommended by the AAFA, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, so you won’t have to worry about your kids getting asthma or allergies while helping you clean the house. All this and more will cost you $500.

Panasonic “Jet Force Bagless” MC-UL425 – with a bonus of an air turbine and if you are working mainly with carpet, then this is going to be perfect for you and your kids in cleaning pet hair. It carries a larger cup than other units so it has more capacity compared to others. It boasts the JetForce technology created by Panasonic. No bags so it comes with a washable filter and cup. One selling point of this unit is that is very quiet and if you are on a budget, this vacuum only costs $105.99.

How to keep Your Kids Sleeping Well with Airconditioned Rooms

ac galactic toysWe all know that air conditioning during warm months is very important for our children so they will be comfortable and can sleep well which can affect their performance at school and learning, also their day to day lives as children. If you have younger kids, and they can have unbothered sleep, then you will probably won’t have to get up and go and check on them every hour or two which is a huge advantage. But with the power rates nowadays how can you keep your kids asleep but at the same time not punching a hole through your pocket when the electricity bill comes in?

Here are some tips:

  • Even if it is a little bit warmer at night, it is not necessarily bad because while your kids are sleeping, they do not need the same degree of “conscious cool”. Now you can turn down their air conditioning unit when they are fast asleep.
  • Window or Portable units are a good option in cooling specific rooms if cooling the whole home is not an option. Again, you can specify which part of the house that you want to cool with these types of units. They will consume 50% less energy compared to centralized home cooling system that will be cooling the same spot in the house.
  • Make sure you close off your vents. Normally, your basement will always be the coolest part of your home because cool air sinks and warm air rises. So if you close off those vents downstairs you are forcing all the cold air to go up and the warm air to go down and then cooling it in the process.
  • Make sure you have your units checked out by a technician. To save money, all you need to do is proper maintenance on your air conditioner units. You might find seeds from trees like cottonwoods which has a tendency to stick on your filters that will cause your unit to work 20% harder that will greatly affect your equipment’s efficiency.
  • Check out the ducts that go to your kid’s room. Make sure your ducts are uninterrupted and properly insulated so that the air coming can be cool as it can possibly be. Because paying for air that is not as cold as it should be is not really a good idea and can cause loss of money.
  • Make sure your furniture is properly arranged because it can obstruct air and create problems for circulation. Although you might see plastic parts on your vent that points the air to the right direction, making sure your furniture is properly positioned is the most practical and easiest way to make sure that the air circulation in your space is perfect.
  • Try 78 degrees. Some people do not know this but it is a good point for an air conditioner unit so it can perform at its optimal level. Think of this as like your car running across a flat, open highway and not dragging itself up a hill but it is just cruising way and its steady as it gets.

Children Crossbows and Grownup Crossbows

galactic toys crossbowBonding time for father and son is very crucial especially when your son gets to the teenage years where peers are becoming more and more influential to how your son acts and making sure you are still there as the father figure is of the essence. Hunting is a good two man job and if you can get your son into this sport, then the bond between the two will become more sustainable because you will work as a team. And as a team, you have to have good equipment that will compliment both the father and son.

Best children crossbows around

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow kit – this bow is one of the best one in the market today for kids because first of all it is cheap, safe and most of all it is effective. It only priced little over $100 and that makes it one of the cheapest out there today. But you do not lose any of its effectiveness just because it is cheap. It actually ranks 3rd in all of the crossbows under $500, it aced pretty much every category possible. As far as safety is concerned, it doesn’t make any unnecessary sacrifices to lessen the cost. Its auto-safety feature is to protect everyone around when someone is using the bow. In fact, this bow is one of the safest bows that you can find for your kids anywhere. The value of this bow is really up there compared to its price. That is why it is considered one of the best bows in the market today.

SA Sports Fever Crossbow package – another well-priced crossbow for kids in the market today. With its fiberglass build that makes is very lightweight which also suitable for kids because it just weighs around 4 pounds. This bow is way much cheaper than other light weight crossbows for kids out there today. For additional safety, this bow is equipped with the auto-safety feature for protection of the shooter and everyone around them and also an ambidextrous trigger that will accommodate lefties and right handed shooters. Before this feature, shooters will have to choose to use the bow right handed otherwise they will position themselves in a very awkward manner just to be able to squeeze the trigger. At around $100, this bow will also give you good value for your money

Now moving on to the big toys

For grownups, it has to be the TenPoint Venom Crossbow pack – it is one of the high end bows out there in the market today. For an adult bow, it only weighs a measly 6.5 pounds but can shoot arrows at a speed of 372 feet per second with a narrow XLT type front end and can cock an arrow down to 13.5 inches. It is also very compact adding to its lightweight specs making it easy to store and carry anywhere because it is only 34.6 inches long. Since you are going to spend $1599 for this bow, it comes with one of the best scopes out there which is TenPoint’s RangeMaster Pro scope and also 6 carbon fiber Pro Elite arrows.

But if you’re looking for something meant for hunting and not just play, try the Barnett Crossbows as it is listed as one of the top crossbow brands.